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Paul and Sarah are always on the go making sure you get the most out of your holiday at The Seaways Hotel.

We have several projects up our sleeves at the moment, please see a sneak preview below that will tempt you to visit us soon!

Our Projects To Improve Your Stay

New Family Suite (2 bedrooms, lounge, bath/shower)
Completion 75%
Ground Floor wood flooring
Completion 10%
Room 1 (1st fl Seaview) Redecoration
Completion 5%
Room 7 (1st Fl Family Room) Upgrade
Completion 10%
Room 14 (Grd Fl Twin) Upgrade
Completion 12%
Room Name Changes to Shipping Forecast
Completion 10%
Decking Canopy at Front
Completion 10%

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January 2020

January 2020

January 2020

January 2020

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March 2020

Other Projects 
  • Bar snacks.
  • Toiletries, gifts, etc.
  • Ticket/excursion/restaurant booking.
  • “Plan your stay” templates (week plans for 1st timers to Paignton and what to do if it rains) with links to the Paignton events and activities calendar.
  • Information: Tide times, sun and sea safety information, ferry times, what’s on at cinema/theatre, places to visit.
  • Being a base station for walkers and sea-based activities (to note when people are leaving and when they are due to return, so that we can alert emergency services if required).
  • Provide a drying facility for wetsuits and ancillary equipment.